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Agrolite is a line of technical agricultural lighting that adapts to any indoor growing. Agrolite works mainly in three product lines: High-pressure, Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts, with an offer made up of different powers and spectra. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality at the lowest price.


Plants depend of light to do photosynthesis. The light is basic in the growing and blooming process of your crops. The light bulb offers different types of light depending of the crop phase of use. For the growing period it’s advisable to use metal halide light bulbs, due to its blue and white tones like the spring ones. For the blooming period it’s recommended the use of high pressure sodium bulbs, because of their orange tonalities like the autumn light.

SHP Gro&Flo

Long life & full spectrum color corrected sodium bulbs.
Perfect for growth and flowering.

Watts Lumens Life Color  
100 W 1.200 lm 15.000 h 2.100
150 W 20.000 lm 15.000 h 2.100
250 W 34.000 lm 15.000 h 2.100
400 W 53.000 lm 15.000 h 2.100
600 W 85.000 lm 15.000 h 2.100
1.000 W 145.000 lm 15.000 h 2.100

SHP Duplo

Full corrected spectrum double-burner high pressure sodium bulb. 50.000 lumen. Agrolite Duplo is a double burner bulb which provides more advantages than standard bulbs. The double burner suplies protection to automatic plant growing systems;in case one of the burners fails the second starts working inmediatly.

These bulbs have a prolonged operating life, in case of burner over-heating this turns off and the other one starts working automatically. As both burners operate alternatively its consumption is half so its luminous intensity greater and more constant than a standard bulb, this also prolongs its operating life.


High capacity
Metal halogenic bulb.

Perfect for plants in vegetative phase or those needing an extra amount of blue light.

Watts Life Color  
250 W 15.000 h 4.000
400 W 15.000 h 4.000
600 W 15.000 h 4.000  

Dark Night

Plants rich in chlorophyll absorb the light in almost all wavelengths of the visible spectrum, and only reflect light around the strip of 510nm (green) where they do not perform photosynthesis. Agrolite Darknight is a halogen high power bulb with a specially designed filter to eliminate all wavelengths respecting this one, allowing the work in greenhouses and indoor growing during the darkness hours, also allowing human vision and respecting to the maximum the life cycles of plants.


Lighting is one of the most important factors for indoor growing. The fluorescents for growing plants without sun are appropriate to support blooming in small crops where temperature control is limited, and for small spaces to support flowering plants in vegetative state. This type of lamps can turn on immediately after the power supply has been interrupted and reach soon their full luminous flux. They are mostly suitable for cloning, growing plants in a vegetative state or maintaining mother plants.


Agrolite’s compact fluorescents have a security packaging ideal to prevent breakage during the transport.

Agrolite compact fluorescent lights are specially designed to give a supplementary volumen of light to your inside plants. Its internal start system makes the use of Agrolite very friendly, there is no need of any kind of installation, screw the bulb down on the holder and it is ready. Its low consumption and its long life make Agrolite a very profitable product. You will notice the saving in your electricity bills; besides that, Agrolite scarcely irradiates heat, so makes it very safely for home usage. Agrolite is available in two spectrum:

  • Blue (appropiate for green plants or growth stages)
  • Red (appropiate for flower plants or plants in bloom).
Watts Life Flowering
105 W 8.000 h 2.700 6.400
150 W 8.000 h 2.700 6.400
200 W 8.000 h 2.700 6.400
250 W 8.000 h 2.700 6.400


Agrolite’s compact fluorescents have a security packaging ideal to prevent breakage during the transport.

The fluorescent lighting Agrolite Dual of 150W has two spectrums: - Blue (for green plants or in growing period) - Red (for flowered plants or in blooming period) In the beginning, the plant uses a colder light appropriate for the development of roots and stems. However, foliage development requires the contribution of warmer light. The correct spectrum can be provided to the plant at all times with the Agrolite 150W DUAL fluorescent, without changing the installation. Knowing this, the CFL DUAL 150W bulb is suitable for growing and blooming crops, preventing the disorders of fluorescent changes in different states of the plant and making it suitable for small grow tents where the temperature rise with other lamps is a problem.

Watts Life Color
150 W 8.000 h 6.400 / 2.700

Fluorescent right

Watts Life Flowering
18 W 8.000 h 2.700 6.400 2.100
36 W 8.000 h 2.700 6.400 2.100



To complete the illumination installation in the area where the indoor growing is developed you must decide what ballast to use. The ballast is a device used to maintain a stable current flow in lamps, either a sodium-vapor or metal halide lamp. This component regulates the start of the installed lamps so they adapt to the needs of the plantation

Electronic ballast with dimmer

The Electronic Ballast Agrolite, extend the useful life of lamps, produces less heat than conventional ballast and reduces energy consumption.

Besides comes in a sealed aluminium box, capsulated in epoxi resin, resistant to shocks, sprinkling, humidity and dust, that makes it practically undestructible.

  • High efficiency and energy saving.
  • High power (> 0.99) and low harmonic distortion (< 8%).
  • Open circuit and short circuit protection.
  • Constant output power

Class 2 ballasts

Agrolite Class 2 ballasts are designed for operation of discharge lamps and are provided with starter and capacitor.

Available in two different powers: 400 and 600 watts, include cables of 1.20 meters long from the ballast to the schuko plug, and 2.00 meters from the ballast to the lamp.

Agrolite Class 2 ballasts are safe and easy to install.

Magnetic ballast

Safety box with fuse, injected plug, wire 1.5 long.